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DuBois (2015) describes hashtags as aligning with tweet content by “revealing a user’s stance through an evaluation or assessment.” In these examples, users express their positions and position themselves within specific sociocultural contexts by self-positioning and outlining assumed social values. Furthermore, hashtags align with stance leads using the ‘greater than’ sign, which indicates that the evaluation is more significant than whatever object is referenced in the stance lead (such as “winning” or “achieving”)

Example 9 illustrates how this hashtag functions as a self-positioning tool by further evaluating the referential object from the stance lead. This hashtag evaluates the “doesn’t care” aspect of this user’s appearance and aligns it with an image of a “dirty hippie,” aligned with what the stance lead described as being irrelevant. This phrase, which has become part of current social discourse, implies that this individual does not care about her appearance and positions herself within particular social contexts by framing her position as something other people don’t even consider important.

Example 10 illustrates this point, as the user uses her hashtag to suggest how “good” of a morning she expects with barista Lisa. Furthermore, she positions herself by identifying herself as such – an identity which often mirrors cultural values.