Mistress Kiana – An Ebony Domina

Mistress Kiana is an ebony domina with a stunning athletic physique. She enjoys teaseing and manipulating her slaves, verbally abusing them then smothering them – as well as doing some cuckolding too! A London based prodom, Mistress kiana always ready for dominance; check out this clip to see what she has in store!

She is a dominatrix

Mistress Kiana has been a part of the London fetish scene since 2008. With an attractive figure and willing to dominate skimpily clad slaves, she serves as a role model and uses persuasion to instil discipline within them. You can find her at domestic events around Upper Norwood as well as events across London and Brussels; with specialization in fucks and spankings; plus she knows how to give people an amazing experience through interrogations that often include hard beatings if she’s not satisfied!

She is a slave

She is a dirty-minded black mistress who knows how to properly train her sex slave. She enjoys taking pleasure in sexual acts and enjoys watching fetish porn. She instructs the slave boy how to tease and deny, uses her strap for pleasure, whips him, licks fingers and pegs the scrotum – everything with passion! As an experienced mistress she knows exactly what her slave needs!