Mistress B’s Latex Lounge

Mistress B’s Latex Lounge is an entertaining blend of circus, burlesque and cabaret that transports audiences into a world made entirely out of rubber. This 55-minute show includes music, inflatables, audience participation, original songs, and plenty of surprises for an enjoyable evening of latex entertainment.


Socks are an integral part of many wardrobes, whether they’re part of the dress code, for sports activities or to protect feet from blisters and rubbing. Selecting the correct socks isn’t always easy with so many varieties available out there, but it’s essential for comfort and protection when doing so.

When selecting socks, there is a vast range of fibres to choose from – each with their own characteristics and purpose. When choosing the type of sock that best fits you, take into account factors like moisture wicking properties that keep feet dry and comfortable; anti-odour properties which reduce bacteria on feet that causes unpleasant smells; etc.

Socks used to be just a piece of fabric sewn into shoes, but now they have become highly specialised garments with features like arch support, heel contours and cushioned soles. Plus, you can get them in various lengths such as no show and low cut styles to conceal them when worn with bare feet or footwear.

Over centuries, socks have evolved to meet the demands of people from all backgrounds. They protect feet from weather elements, keep them warm, and make it simpler for users to put on and take off.

Socks have come a long way since their original designs, which were made of animal skins. These socks were essential for peasants working outside who needed to protect their feet from cold and frostbite in wintertime.

But sock manufacturing was a laborious process that only became possible in the 1550s when English reverend William Lee invented the knitting loom, which allowed for quick and affordable production of knitted fabrics. From there on out, socks could be made from various materials like wool and cotton.

Nowadays, socks come in an extensive selection of fibers and lengths from no show socks to thigh-highs. Additionally, they’re available in various styles from basic to fancy and in an array of colours and patterns. Some even feature features like compression socks which help promote blood circulation and prevent ankle swelling.

Waist Cinchers

When many people envision corsets, they typically conjure up images of Victorian women with small waists and painful faces. However, that’s not the case today with modern cinchers and waist trainers.

These modern shapewear pieces have been created to help you reach your waist training objectives and look fantastic in every dress. Working much the same way as traditional corsets, but with greater flexibility and reduced pain levels, they can be worn over clothing for extended periods of time without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

They come in a range of styles, such as those with no closures. Some – like our rubber waist cincher – are ideal for anyone wanting to wear their cincher beneath clothing more as shapewear than as an actual figure-trainer.

Cinchers come in a range of materials, such as latex or nylon/spandex. Both provide firm compression to help slim your midsection and contour your waistline for an hourglass figure.

Corsets can provide an instant body contouring effect, but for optimal results it should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise program. A professional personal trainer can assist in creating an exercise program tailored specifically for you that burns calories while toning your muscles.

Corsets not only offer body sculpting benefits, but they can also aid in correcting posture and improving mobility. Scoliosis sufferers especially benefit from corsets since they help correct the curvature of your spine while offering better back support.

Cinchers differ from corsets in that they don’t contain any lacing or boning; rather, you tighten them with hooks and eyes. Some styles even feature flexible plastic boning for increased mobility. Cinchers come in an array of colors and patterns so that you can find one to suit your taste and style perfectly. Furthermore, since cinchers tend to be less bulky than traditional corsets, you can wear them underneath most dresses without worry of sacrificing wardrobe space.


Leggings are form-fitting trousers that drape down from the waist to the ankle. They can be worn by both men and women for various purposes such as exercise or simply as a fashion statement.

Leggings, when paired with a skirt or dress, offer extra warmth in cold weather. They’re great for traveling too since they take up minimal space in a suitcase and offer comfort while sitting on planes or cars.

Leggings can be paired with nearly any outfit in your closet, depending on the style. But be sure to pick a style that flatters your body type; if you have an already thin figure, selecting leggings with too much width may make you appear even shorter.

A quality pair of leggings should have a soft and comfortable fabric that feels soft against your skin. It should not feel tight or itchy and should not leave red marks or show through your shirt. Furthermore, the material should be able to maintain its shape well without bunching up.

Some leggings are designed for exercise and made of thick, breathable material to prevent chafing. On the other hand, some are more casual; they can be paired with a tee shirt and pair of shoes.

Leggings have become a staple fashion item for both men and women alike. Now available in an array of colors and patterns, leggings offer greater comfort than traditional pants while staying stylish at the same time.

They make for a perfect fall wardrobe choice due to their comfort and warmth. Pair them with sweaters, coats, or long-sleeved tees for an effortlessly stylish aesthetic.

You can wear leggings for any casual date night or day out with friends. For dressy events, opt for more elegant leggings in flattering cuts and stylish styles.

Shiny leggings are leggings that feature a glossy, metallic (lame), or wet-looking appearance. This trend began in the late-2000s and has become an increasingly popular evening wear choice.


Nothing beats a pair of stylish shoes to get in the mood! Fortunately for shoe enthusiasts and their slaves, there is an array of stylish footwear options in all shapes and sizes – from high-heel to low-slung. Thigh-high rubber boots remain a classic favorite but if you’re searching for something more fashionable, there’s plenty more choice available! This list has been carefully curated to include some of the best pieces in various materials, colors and styles at fractions of the cost! Enjoy having the best at your doorstep