Amalie Von Stein

Amalie von Stein is an international dominatrix who travels extensively, using and abusing slaves and subs in the process.

Ms Von Stein delights in drawing attention to her stunning beauty, leaving victims breathless, and inspiring them to obey her every whim and participate in subtle erotic games. Her captivating charisma and understanding of your darkest secrets creates an intense storm of feelings within those who prostrate themselves before her.

She’s a Slave & Submissive Dominatrix

With her multiple global journeys, Amalie von Stein has become a renowned figure within the slave and dominitrix community. Since her youth, her captivating physical beauty has been a magnet for both men and women alike. She is renowned for using her charm to coerce victims into giving up their independence so that they may become hers. As one of the most experienced sexlords around, she uses her extensive understanding of human anatomy to masterfully manipulate her victims with mind games and erotic sexplay. For a taste of her finest work, be sure to book an appointment soon as there is only limited availability each month.

She’s an International Dominatrix

Amalie von Stein is an international dominatrix who travels the world using and abusing her slaves & submissives. In her Dungeon she enjoys all kinds of scenes such as pegging, face slapping and trampling to name a few. She can offer various scenarios depending on individual requirements in a respectful and courteous manner – please visit Her website for further details.

She’s an internationally acclaimed Dominatrix & BDSM educator, with both online and in-person courses that have become industry standards for dungeons & Mistress training around the world. Additionally, she speaks regularly at sex festivals, DomCons & Kink events across North America, Australia & Europe; her book “The History & Art of the Dominatrix” receiving glowing reviews from DDI Magazine, Leatherati magazine, Slutist magazine and Library Journal Review.

Her insight into the darkest secrets of a slave’s soul, combined with her genuine sadistic nature, will cause an intense rush of emotions in those who bow before Her. Her high standards, explicit guidelines on behavior and insistence on catering to her preferences ensure that those worshipping Her receive their desired fulfillment. Moreover, She’s willing to work with both inexperienced slaves as well as those well-trained in obedience and submission; making Her an expert slave & submissive expert with an uncanny knack for communicating her message to captive audiences; She won’t disappoint you!

She’s a Slave & Submissive FemDom

Amalie von stein’s lofty standards and strict instructions regarding comportment ensure that those who worship her receive their coveted fulfillment. She delights in admiring both inexperienced slaves as well as those already well-trained in obedience and submission.

Her knowing, merciless gaze tests your strengths and exposes your vulnerabilities, placing an ever-increasing strain on both character and body with increasingly demanding tests. Her genuine sadistic nature, charismatic personality, and knowledge of the darkest secrets of your slavish soul will stir up a storm of emotions in those who prostrate themselves before her.

She is an expert at forcing her victims into unconditional submission, self-abandonment, and enslavement. With her incredible charm she uses to make them give up all rights to become her slaves and become her tools of the trade. She enjoys teasing and punishing them through various perverted games such as pegging, face-slapping, trampling etc.. In the Dungeon she enjoys a wide range of scenes and activities; if you have any queries or would like to book a session with Her please click below link!