Mistress Ayda (Movie Review)

Mistress Ayda is an intelligent half-phoenix who runs the Compass Points Library on Leviathan. At over 300 years old, she has undergone multiple reincarnations due to her extraordinary powers.

She initially hesitates to help Adaine and Gorgug when they accompany the Bad Kids to Compass Points Library, but after showing them Garthy’s note she becomes convinced they need her assistance.

Arthur Aguefort

Arthur Aguefort is the father of mistress ayda, the half-phoenix who lives in Leviathan. He has lived for over 300 years and had multiple reincarnations – some successful, some not so much.

Ayda, seventeen, has been reincarnated multiple times as a half-phoenix due to her extraordinary powers. She is an incredibly intelligent girl but has no memory of her past incarnations.

At first, she was reluctant to help the Bad Kids. Uncertain of their intentions, Garthy sent them her way with a note and eventually convinced her that it would be beneficial for all involved.

Adaine can learn the pirate Sending spell for 50 gold per level, for a total fee of 150 gold. She also encourages Adaine to learn Find Familiar even though she lacks any wizard friends of her own.

As Ayda masters the spell, she makes an error and misjudges Fig, believing her to be a full person when communicating with her. This miscommunication causes a minor rift between them which Ayda apologizes for several times.

Once she regains her strength, she joins Fig and Kristen on their mission to rescue Adaine from Calathriel Tower. After asking Fig if they are transitive best friends, she casts Invisibility upon them and takes off with them.

At Calethriel Tower during the battle, Fig donned Arthur Aguefort and attempted to intimidate Adaine’s captors into giving her Adaine. Ultimately, however, she was forced to fight against him which caused Ayda great distress.

Later, Ayda and Fig spend some quality time together at the Compass Points Library. Ayda is quite nervous upon seeing her father, but thanks to Fig’s Invisibility spell he is able to hide himself from her. Additionally, Ayda receives a kind compliment from Fig that makes her feel better about herself.

Ayda then meets Garthy, a woman who works in the library. She has a son named Fabian but Ayda is uncertain if it’s hers or Garthy’s; thus far, Ayda isn’t too thrilled about this prospect.


She’s an incredibly intelligent wizard who takes great pride in her work at Compass Points Library on Leviathan, but is always seeking more knowledge and asking lots of questions. Unfortunately, she feels lonely and longs for a companion.

She also has a short temper and can be very transactional. She struggles to communicate with others and her words are often blunt; her eyes seem like balls of fire. As such, it may be difficult for her to read what people are saying to her.

Fig is Adaine’s girlfriend and an autistic [1], with whom she shares a special connection.

When the Bad Kids arrive at Calethriel Tower, Fig disguises herself as Arthur Aguefort to avoid engaging Angwyn’s Dominate Person. Unfortunately, her disguise proves successful and causes Ayda much distress.

At the same time, Ayda notices Fig has been missing an item in her library – a bracelet with black leather and spikes that looked like it could be a gem, but which had been wrapped in black screen that didn’t show.

Finding this bracelet required a lot of work, but Ayda eventually managed to track down and present it to her father. He was delighted with it and enthusiastically approved of her writing about it.

After her thesis advisor approves it, Ayda sends it off to her committee for review. Afterwards, she spends one week editing it before receiving encouragement from her advisor that this new idea should be seen as revolutionary.

She gets thrilled when she learns that she and her friends have saved both Adaine and Aelwyn. She compliments them both on their strengths, noting how both are invulnerable to fire.

Later, Ayda and Fig attend the Bad Kids’ shrimp party in Arborly. They enjoy an enjoyable night making out in the woods. After some time has passed, Fig takes off her earring cuff as a gesture for Ayda.

At this stage, Ayda is struggling with her relationship with her own dad. She doesn’t know how she feels about him and fears he won’t care anymore about her anymore. To find the best way to support both of them, Ayda wants to explore all possible avenues.


Adaine Abernant (Siobhan Thompson) is an elven magician who lives with her emotionally distant parents and competitive sister. She stands as the “nerdy one” in the group, a clever yet anxious individual who suffers from misunderstands due to misunderstandings. Adaine has a keen interest in mystical magic but often feels overwhelmed by her own thoughts and emotions – leading her to lose her temper when things get out of hand.

She is a sensitive individual with an admiration of the finer things in life. Though shy and self-conscious, she has an intense desire to serve humanity. A member of the Adventurers, though she rarely makes public appearances, her commitment to service motivates her towards serving humanity.

Her father, Angwyn Abbernant, is the Mayor of District One and she lives with him and her older sister Aelwyn. She has a passion for literature but has suffered abuse for many years which she is still recovering from. Additionally, Aelwyn’s younger brother has also been abducted and tortured.

No matter what, she has never given up hope that her parents will return. She wants to be a good mother for her daughter and will do everything in her power to ensure this occurs.

She struggles to manage her emotions, and sometimes becomes frustrated when her parents don’t answer her calls or texts. Fortunately, she has a best friend in Father Jawbone O’Shaunessy – a former drug-dealing werewolf who has turned therapist. With him by her side, she can cope with any situation life throws at her.

They first meet when their respective families invite them to a ball in Fallinel, the capital of Elves. There, Aelwyn hopes to find someone special to dance with during this night of celebrating their heritage and culture.

She stands in the corner, wearing a long navy blue dress with silver inlaid into the tulle that frames her. She pushes a strand of long blonde hair out of her face as she leans against it for support.

It’s a sad scene, and she feels sorry for herself as the only one left. However, Fabian comes along and reminds her that she doesn’t have to be alone; there are others who will love her just as much. Although it can be difficult at times, she must keep going in order to be an excellent mother to her child – the only one who will truly understand their needs.


Ayda is a multitasking whiz with many balls in the air at once. She manages to keep a library running while being an attentive mom to Garthy and an enthusiastic scribe for her husband. Among all of Ayda’s accolades over the years, one of the most impressive is her unwavering devotion to her family. As part of Buccaneer Buddies, Ayda’s journey has been long and winding; her career in law enforcement has proven particularly challenging but she enjoys challenges as much as competition!