Mistress Ava Black Uses Giantess Fetish to Crunch This Loser

Mistress Ava Black enjoys humiliating people and today she used her giantess fetish to torture this loser. It was fun for her but nearly made him wet his pants when she applied so much pressure.

Mistress Ava Black utilizes her many different fetishes to achieve what she desires. She is always searching for new subjects for her productions – you can check out her website to learn more!

Facesitting fetish

Facesitting is an increasingly popular fetish among women. It serves to demonstrate her dominance over him and that she’s willing to provide him with whatever he desires. Plus, it gives him a chance to see, smell, and feel her genitals while she sits on his face.

Women and men alike can find pleasure in this ritualistic act of physical contact. For the woman, having her beloved’s wet quim rub all over his face can be an exhilarating experience that leads to feelings of ecstasy. Additionally, it provides the chance for intense sexual stimulation.

Some may feel uneasy about facesitting, fearing it could harm their partner or squish him. However, this is not always the case and even plus-size queens can enjoy this fetish without fear of pain or injury.

Another option is to facesit while wearing a skirt, pantyhose, or other attractive clothing. This makes it easier for the slave to tease her master and get him to lick and try to cum.

While this can be a beneficial idea, it can also be challenging for him to see your pussy or the underside of your breasts when wearing something that makes it difficult. Therefore, if you plan to do this, make sure you sit on something solid such as a mattress or couch that can support all of your weight comfortably.

Be mindful not to put too much pressure on his face as this could cause him to wiggle or experience pain.

Being put into uncomfortable positions by your dominant partner can be an empowering experience, particularly if you’re a BDSM lover. That is one of the reasons that sex toys like handcuffs and riding crops are so popular among women looking to express their power over their male partner.

In addition to sex toys, facesitting is another way for BDSM lovers to demonstrate their willingness to submit. This could be done by straddling her partner’s face or placing her feet on theirs while on them. Facesitting also serves to demonstrate dominance over him by controlling his movement and body position while being on his face.

Mouth fetish

The mouth is a key feature in sexual attraction, and many fetishists have an erotic fascination with activities involving the mouth. Some examples include deep French kissing, tongue erotization or other sexy actions involving the tongue; other mouth fetishes may focus on spitting bodily fluids (like saliva) as well as using oral sex props like Jennings, Whitehead or Hallam gags in intimate encounters.

Spit fetishes are often associated with sadomasochistic sexual activity and BDSM-type kinks. When one partner spits on another, it can increase feelings of submission and humiliation for both parties.

Though not as extreme as some other fetishes, spitting can still add some excitement and tension to your intimate sessions. Furthermore, it acts as a great lubricant during masturbation to make things smoother!

Spitting in someone else’s eyes is considered to be a form of spit fetish. Before engaging in such behavior, be sure to educate yourself on safety precautions; it can sting and cause infection if done without their consent.

Another spit fetish involves the act of licking and sucking someone’s mouth or nose. The pleasure experienced can range from mild taste sensations to more daring acts such as rimming, clamping or even extracting a partner’s teeth.

Mouth fetishes are unfortunately all too common, though many BDSM practitioners don’t even consider them that way. Instead, they become part of one’s regular sexual activities or an ongoing turn on that has something to do with one’s gender identity.

Lips play an integral role in human sexual behaviour and traditional courtship rituals. Yet there has been little academic or clinical literature written on lip fetishism despite its prevalence.

Some individuals have a bizarre fetish for biting their partner’s mouth or throat, although this is much less common than spitting on someone’s face or mouth.

Many people have a fetish of spitting on their partner’s face or mouth as an expression of submission. It is widely popular online literature, and can be an enjoyable way to add some extra spice into the relationship.

Giantess fetish

Giantess fetishism is a sexual fascination or attraction to giant women that may be the result of some medical or genetic abnormality.

Kink can also be the result of another psychological condition, like bipolar disorder. This kink is quite widespread and can be observed in various types of pornographic media.

People with macrophilia often fantasize about being the giantess and devouring smaller people (or multiple small people). Some enjoy watching a gigantic woman tease and lick her prey, while others prefer scenes without blood or gore, often showing her taking out someone through her mouth.

Macrophilia can lead to various fetishes associated with it, such as dominance/submission (dom/sub), in which the giant dominates and the small person submits. Oral contact, wherein the small person is put into the mouth of the giant and entertained. Other fantasies involve being stomped on, rubbed against or eaten by the giant.

Macrophilia has not been officially studied, but it’s certainly not a taboo topic. Many straight cis men enjoy this form of fetishism, while there is also an enthusiastic community of queer and gay individuals who take pleasure in macrophilia.

One popular giantess fetishes is vore, which involves the giantess consuming a smaller person for sexual pleasure. This type of fetish is similar to macrophilia but the dominance/sub component has less to do with power and more to do with size.

In some instances, giantess may even be able to impregnate herself with her prey! This can create some truly bizarre scenarios.

Take this video of a sea monster holding a wooden ship in her palm while devouring its crew one by one. Her face is beaming with joy as she enjoys every minute of it!

Other videos depict giantess fetishism, including footage of them stomping on, sitting on or eating tiny human figurines – commonly referred to as voar. You can find this kink on several websites.

Giantess fetishism can also be enjoyed through virtual reality games, where users are slowly shrunk down by a giantess in an alternate universe. Some of these titles feature intricate detail like realistic sex animations and various body parts that players can manipulate.

Business fetish

Mistress Ava Black had wasted no time in getting revenge against this loser and was ready to cut him loose. She used her giantess fetish to dominate him and had a blast doing it. She shrunk him, crushed him, and enjoyed choking him while she threatened to swallow him whole when he cried out for mercy. It became clear to Ava what her plan was from the get-go; nothing would go as planned for him.

Thankfully, this unfortunate creature does not enjoy being treated like a slave – yet that is exactly what happens! A seductive pair of mistresses are in his employ and will do anything to ensure their slave receives his due punishment.

They know that a stiff penis can be more challenging to hold onto and painful than an elastic one, so they have their partner take his toy for a spin! He may not have much choice in the matter, but he sure loves being turned on by this attractive couple!

This pig is no ordinary pet! They’re using him to show off their sexual prowess, and it must be said they possess some impressive moves!

He’s an astute boy, aware that he must do something special to please his mistresses. Therefore, he tries his best to do whatever possible to make her smile – including licking the soles of her feet!

It can be more challenging than it appears at first glance. He initially struggles with it, but soon becomes adept at it. He works his way up towards their soles and then nibbles away at any rough skin underneath their feet.