Jet Setting Jasmine

Jasmine, of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC and Royal Fetish Films, is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with an expertise in Intimacy Post Injury and Intimacy Post Illness. Drawing upon her personal experience and professional background, Jasmine hosts workshops & fundraisers for organizations such as Domestic Violence Shelters & Transitional Homes for Women & Families; with the purpose of redefining self-concepts and nurturing healthy sexual/intimate behaviors.

Licensed Clinical Therapist

Jet set jasmine is a licensed clinical therapist who strives to offer her clients the highest level of psychotherapy and psychological support. Her background in social work, aging studies and integrated human sciences have equipped her with the foundation necessary to deliver cutting-edge mental health services based on evidence-based practice. At Blue Pearl Therapy LLC, her full-service therapy practice specializes in solutions-focused therapy as well as exposure therapy for adults.

Jasmine is an internationally acclaimed BDSM educator and Master Fetish Trainer, as well as the co-star of three award winning adult films with King Noire. Additionally, she owns Royal Fetish Films a unique studio that showcases beauty through movies, art installations specializing in fetishes, and erotica of all forms and sizes.

She is a nationally-known expert on Intimacy & Chronic Illness, Sexuality & Aging and Sex Positive Parenting who has been featured in Ebony Magazine and The Source. Additionally, her humorous talks and presentations have won her an enthusiastic following for their insightful content.

Master Fetish Trainer

Jet set Jasmine, a Master Fetish Trainer and Licensed Clinical Therapist, is an ardent kink lover, psychotherapist, master trainer, impact play connoisseur who travels the world teaching patrons how to play fetish safely and successfully. Her innovative yet supportive approach has allowed clients to confront many deep-rooted barriers as well as accept and normalize their fetishes in a secure yet comfortable setting.

She is also co-owner of Royal Fetish Films, an adult entertainment company that creates erotic content based on its clients’ fantasies and their partners’. Additionally, she hosts Royal Fetish Radio, an online platform where listeners can ask her candid and insightful questions.

King Noire and Jasmine Decosta, three-time award-winning adult film stars, founded this company with the mission to promote an inclusive and ethical adult entertainment industry. As Adult Entertainers, Educators, and Master Fetish Trainers they strive to break down sexual stereotypes while creating a more welcoming atmosphere for people of color in kink.

They are accomplished sex educators and have been featured in Sex Health Magazine. Additionally, they travel internationally hosting workshops, Fetish Training Sessions, Live Demos and Fundraisers. Furthermore, they created “Fantasy Flight” parties which explore more erotic aspects of sensuality while emphasizing empowerment, enhancement and redefining sexuality for singles and couples alike.

Jasmine offers guidance in this video on how to safely and consensually explore your sexual desires through various exercises and techniques, such as spanking, flogging and waxing. She and her partner King Noire have been together for a decade now building their relationship together.

She offers therapy and consultation services to individual or couple clients through Blue Pearl Therapy, a full-service therapy practice with an emphasis on Intimacy Post Injury and Intimacy Post Illness. As certified Sexpert, Master Fetish Trainer, and contributing writer to Sex Health Magazine, her expertise is widely sought out.

Cannabis Positivity

Jet Setting Jasmine, a fetish trainer and brand owner in her own right, has been using marijuana since 2010 for medical purposes; she’s now beginning to incorporate it more into her personal life too. According to Jet Setting Jasmine, using cannabis has improved her overall health; thus she is delighted by the legalization movement’s growth.

According to Quest Diagnostics’ 2021 Drug Testing Index and Industry Insights report, cannabis positivity rates for urine drug testing have significantly increased over the last several years. Unfortunately, this data only tells half the story when it comes to workplace testing; it doesn’t differentiate between employees who legally use marijuana on their own time versus those using it immediately before or during work.

Employers face a dilemma. On one hand, they risk losing responsible and lawful users while incurring recruitment and training expenses; on the other hand, they need to spend more on drug testing and hiring new employees due to higher positivity rates observed in conventional tests such as oral fluid, hair, and urine.

Employers increasingly rely on breathalyzers to determine whether an employee has recently used marijuana, providing them with more accurate data that helps them comprehend the true impact of legalized cannabis on the workforce. While it’s essential for employers to stay abreast of drug testing trends, they shouldn’t become overly concerned by positive rates that make up only a small portion of test results; rather, they should recognize that more employees are responsibly and legally using cannabis outside of work hours.

Health & Wellness

Jasmine Harman is a beloved presenter on Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun, but that’s not all she offers. She’s an enthusiastic health enthusiast with an interest in people’s wellbeing. A qualified fitness instructor, Jasmine lives in Portugal’s sunny tropics where she also writes and hosts live magazine shows.

She’s an advocate for sex-positive parenting, having her work featured in numerous publications such as Vice, Playboy and Forbes. Her interview on The Daily Show made her a household name; furthermore, she has spoken at conferences like Women in Media or American Sexuality Education Association among others.

Her passion for sex-related fitness has led her to co-own Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Studio with King Noire. Together they’ve developed their signature Steel and Stilettos Fitness ™ classes as well as Fantasy Flight Fitness.

She runs her own mental wellness practice, Blue Pearl Therapy LLC, using a Solutions-Focused and Exposure Therapy model of care. Additionally, she teaches yoga and meditation and is proud sponsor of the prestigious annual interdisciplinary conference, Minds in Motion. Always on the lookout for new trends and products to keep clients – as well as her followers – happy and healthy, we can’t wait to see what else she has planned!