Domina Scarlett Shares Her X-Rated Secrets in a New Book

Former construction manager turned professional dominatrix who whips, beats and binds Hollywood stars in a dungeon has now revealed her X-rated secrets in an intimate new book.

In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, she falsely claims to be a descendant of Count Vlad Tepes Dracul and can control sunlight; this assertion is untrue.

She is a submissive

She works as a construction manager during the day, but transforms into Mistress Scarlett at night – fulfilling erotic fantasies of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in an LA dungeon. Nordbak, 29, spent her nights as an oppressive dominatrix; whipping, beating and tickling her clients for $200 per hour.

She was born in England but moved to the US with her mother and sisters when she was young. While studying archaeology at university, she discovered her passion for sexuality at 22 years old.

After working as a building manager for several years, she joined the dungeon at night and quickly rose through its ranks. Eventually she achieved master status and felt in control of her destiny.

She gained the courage and power to take on more demanding roles, eventually becoming a powerful dominatrix. Through fulfilling her clients’ wishes, sometimes even escaping potentially hazardous situations in the process.

Her clients ranged from A-list actors and musicians who came to her in their dreams or for some extra sexual pleasure. One mega-famous actor even hired her to pull on strings attached to his private piercing; another screenwriter paid her to shave off his pubic hair so he could play with it.

She may be naturally submissive, but she can be mighty powerful if her master becomes unruly. She may even step in as the knight in shining armour when her master needs help. Though it may not be her favorite role, she will endure it for their comfort and that of those around them. That makes her such a wonderful companion – never getting stagnant and always having something new to offer them.

She is a slave

Mistress Scarlett is no stranger to slavery. Her latest slave, Charles, has been misbehaving and needs some counseling. To help him out with this, the seductive lady gets her hands dirty using various medical gadgets and tricks.

First, she uses one of her slave’s cold steel medical tools to massage his smooth genital area and then pins him with some finely honed fingernails. For added fun and excitement, she does the barefoot version with stiletto heels on her feet to dig into his biceps and triceps.

After some bondage and CBT, she decides it’s time for some taming of the more daring types. But she is determined not to be left behind and puts her master to the test by introducing something far more explosive than what most mortals could handle – an electric chair!

This video could go down in history if she doesn’t make him change his tune! With an array of traditional to the more daring songs, plus a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure, this is one video you won’t regret watching.

She is a Domme

A Domme is a female dominant who works with submissive clients in body-directed sexual movement (BDSM) and fetish sex scenes. It may refer to an experienced dominatrix, but can also refer to an unprofessional one who engages in D/s role-play with their submissive clients for personal enjoyment.

A dominance-subordinate relationship (also referred to as D/s) is an intimate, sexual arrangement between two individuals who have mutually chosen different roles within their sexual connection. It’s a popular way for people to explore BDSM and kink, providing both with an exciting new experience.

Being a dominator means exercising your role responsibly and without harming your submissive. This includes not using your sexual power as an excuse for physical or emotional harm to them, or imposing punishments that were not previously agreed upon before the session.

Prior to your session with your sub, be sure to establish clear boundaries and expectations about their position and what kind of sexual activity they would enjoy. Doing this will help guarantee that both of you have a secure and enjoyable experience during the sex.

Another essential tip to remember during sexual activities is to adhere to your script. This is essential for both partners, as misunderstandings or miscommunication could result in dissolution or an unpleasant experience.

Additionally, avoid playing too hard or soft. Doing so could be detrimental, as you could sabotage your sub’s pleasure or cause them to lose interest in the role-play, advises sex psychologist Carol Queen.

She recommends that you practice your sex before initiating Domming someone for the first time, as well as role-play with someone other than your submissive partner. Doing this will give you a better insight into what your submissive responds to best and how best to use their power over you.

She is a lifestyle Domme

Domina Scarlett is a lifestyle Domme who specializes in cuckolding, body modification and the occasional kink. She’s also an inspiring philanthropist who donates her goods to charities around the world. With an enthusiastic following and informative blog to browse, Domina keeps readers engaged.

For the past two years, she has been juggling running her own construction company and moonlighting as a lifestyle Domme. She has published numerous articles and blogs about her experiences as well as creating an BDSM manual. Furthermore, she is an accomplished photographer with an impressive portfolio to her credit.

She maintains a website where you can read about her adventures and view her photos. Additionally, she maintains social media pages to stay in the know with what’s going on in her life. A member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, she enjoys bird-watching in her spare time.

She is a fiery lady who never backs down from any challenge. She boasts multiple tattoos, including the colorful trippy one, and she is proud mom to an energetic three year old. While she may have some tricks up her sleeve, her greatest triumph lies in her unconditional devotion towards her submissive.