Barefoot Ballbusting

Ballbusting is a form of corporal punishment (CBT) men engage in to fulfill their desire for pain and humiliation from women.

Due to the intricate nature of this task, it’s best to enlist the help of someone you trust who can keep up. Otherwise, you could cause serious injury or end up in the hospital.


Barefoot ballbusting is a safe activity that requires some skill and consideration for your submissive’s needs and desires. However, it should never be taken too far; otherwise you could end up with an injured submissive who needs medical attention or even has to go to the hospital. With proper instruction and consideration, barefoot ballbusting can be enjoyed safely by all involved – just make sure they take it slow!

Balls are like eggs: Frail and prone to cracking if struck too hard or for too long. To minimize the risk of serious injury, practice with light shoes or socks first in light shoes or socks for two weeks before going all-out. A knee to the groin also poses a risk since it squashes the balls against a man’s pelvic bone. Taking these precautions helps you avoid serious injury while keeping the experience fun and exciting!


Barefoot ballbusting is an intense sensory play experience with elements of power, humiliation, submission, endurance and pain. It provides both participants with a powerful combination of pain and reward which can be highly satisfying for both.

Ballbusting is the most common technique. Kicking to the testicles from either front or back can be effective, though many prefer using their hands for slapping, pinching and striking balls. Other forms of ballbusting involve kicking or stomping feet as well as using toys like floggers and paddles.

Some partners add constriction play to their ballbusting sessions by employing penis and testicle bondage techniques. This can be done by wrapping ribbons or cage around the balls, which helps increase the sensation of being squeezed and restricted.

No matter the ballbusting technique you choose, always wear safe footwear to prevent injury. Spike heels and buckled shoes can easily hit the testicles and cause bruising and swelling.

When selecting your ballbusting play, it’s essential to take into account your partner’s preferences. Some prefer kicks with spikes while others find more enjoyment using a flogger or paddle instead.

For more intense play, some partners opt to hammer the testicles with a claw or rubber mallet. Although this tool has immense impact and force, it should only be used under specific circumstances in order to prevent injuries.

Another popular ballbusting technique is a knee to the groin, which squashes balls against a man’s pelvic bone. Unfortunately, this can result in serious injury if not performed correctly.

To prevent injury, point your toes forward when kicking or stomping and keep your knees close together during the action. Furthermore, placing your feet in a position that minimizes impact from kicks to the balls can reduce bruising and swelling from such impacts.

No matter your level of experience with ballbusting, try different techniques to find what works best for you and your partner. In the end, ballbusting should be fun and exciting – an opportunity to deepen and broaden your relationship through BDSM and create some memorable moments together.