Ashtray Mistress

Mistress Bliss, otherwise known as Mistress Bliss, rents out dungeons across London to fulfill clients’ wildest fantasies – such as enforced exercise, erotic domination and ‘toilet games’. She charges PS200 an hour for these services. When not fulfilling clients’ wishes, Mistress Bliss enjoys travelling and modeling – check out the video above to learn more!

Soap Dish

Soap dishes are typically shallow containers with an uncovered top that sit in or near a sink, bathtub, or shower to hold bars of soap. Soap dishes come in various materials like plastic and silicone as well as wood and stainless steel.

When selecting a soap dish, the material can determine its durability. Plastic models are affordable and lightweight but tend to warp over time. Silicone options, on the other hand, have non-porous surfaces which are easy to clean and resistant to staining or fading.

Another important consideration when choosing a soap dish is the design. Some are created with ventilation in mind, helping wet soap bars dry between uses. A ridged, bumpy or slatted surface may promote airflow around the bar of soap.

Many soap dishes also include a catchment system to divert water away from the soap bar and into the bowl. This is especially beneficial if your dish is located near a shower, since water that drains into the bowl can create an unsanitary mess on countertops or sinks.

For a straightforward soap dish that lacks any fancy features, the AmazerBath Bamboo 2-Pack is an ideal option. Constructed from one single piece of bamboo, this wooden dish requires less cleaning than more complex designs we tested, making it easier to keep clean.

The Onwon Bamboo Dish is a straightforward design that works great in the shower and boasts an effective drainage system. While its slats create small gaps that may collect grime or soap residue, it’s relatively straightforward to clean them away.

Finally, Magift Pine Soap Dishes are made from natural pine wood that’s both mildew-proof and waterproof. These recessed soap dishes keep your soap from getting soggy between washes, providing a charming touch to any bathroom or kitchen.

Soap dishes are an integral component of any bathroom accessory collection. As they often draw the first attention in a room, it’s important that they look as beautiful and functional as possible.

Hot Sauce Dish

Hot sauce is an indispensable condiment in the culinary world, whether served alone or as part of a side dish. Restaurants should always keep some on hand to add flavor and flair to their dishes.

In addition to its fiery heat, hot sauce also boasts some other impressive qualities. For example, with the proper ingredients and cooking methods, it can be preserved for years thanks to beneficial bacteria growing inside the jar.

The best part is that preparation is incredibly straightforward and swift. All you need is a high-powered blender and strainer. Begin by placing all necessary ingredients in the blender and turning on high for about one minute or so. Reduce to low setting and give five minutes to puree your hot sauce of dreams!

Next, pour everything into a Hot Sauce Dish and taste with your spoon of choice; however, be sure to let it cool completely first. This will guarantee the smoothest results and ensure the product can be stored for months at a time without worry about spoilage. This best-of-all-times recipe yields about one gallon and lasts up to 6 months in the fridge (you may want to double this quantity as it spoils quickly). Alternatively, you could try waterbath canning for long-term storage solutions.

Sponge Holder

The Sponge Holder is a kitchen accessory designed to keep soapy sponges out of the sink. Usually made out of plastic or stainless steel, this easy-to-install item helps you speed up cleanup time in the sink area.

This holder is ideal for organizing the bathroom or shower area. It’s easy to keep clean, keeping soapy sponges away from the water’s edge.

Maintaining your kitchen sponges off the sink bottom allows for simpler, safer cleanup each day. There are various holders available, including suction cup models that adhere to your sink.

They can speed up the drying process of your sponges, inhibiting any bacterial growth that might arise when left wet for longer. Furthermore, using sponge cleaners helps extend their shelf-life since they won’t be as vulnerable to mold and mildew growth.

These holders are ideal for keeping your countertops free from dirty water spots caused by leaving wet sponges on the counter. They can store wet sponges, scrubbers and washcloths securely.

Some sponge holders also include drainage trays to prevent moisture from building up on countertops and dishes. This helps keep odors at bay and makes cleaning your sink area simpler.

This holder is ideal for anyone who appreciates stylish, practical, and functional home decor. It will fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s aesthetic while serving as a caddy for sponges and dishwashing scrubbers.

It will make an enchanting addition to your bathroom or shower! Available in white, this item will add a rustic charm to the space.

Another excellent sponge holder option is this one that can be attached to the wall. It features a slot that will hold a sponge or scrubber, plus it also has an easy press-and-seal suction cup attachment for attaching it to your sink’s wall.

This kitchen sponge holder can be mounted to the wall of your sink and conveniently holds all your sponges, scrubbers and washcloths. Crafted with durable plastic materials for long-lasting performance, its design can be adjusted to fit any type of sink perfectly.