Mistress Damazonia – The Epitome of Beauty and Strength

Mistress Damazonia is the epitome of beauty and strength. Her seductive French accent, stunning body, and powerful legs will surely arouse your senses.

This 6 foot tall Goddess possesses an arsenal of physical and mental dominance. When her victim attempts to escape her scissorholds, she applies full pressure with full force until he succumbs.

The Amazon Assassin

Assassins have always maintained that their mind should remain pure, drawing power from within instead of external sources. They utilize natural abilities in unarmed combat and the art of infiltration to achieve victory. Furthermore, they use enchanted weapons with elemental powers as well as weapons with inherent resistance to demonic corruption.

In Sanctuary’s Amazon jungles, Amazon warriors are renowned for their agility and ability to wield javelins and spears in battle. Additionally, they possess ranged and melee attack skills that combine into a formidable hybrid that can easily wipe out opponents in the jungles.

The Amazon Assassin’s Arapaima build is one of the most sought-after builds due to its versatility and power with Guided Arrow. They also have excellent defense with Dodge and Avoid, plus the option to quickly invest in Valkyrie for a 50%+ chance to stop all damage dealt.

They possess incredible mobility, enabling them to teleport from one place to another and jump high. Furthermore, they possess various tools like throwing knives and claymores for combat.

This build is ideal for taking down bosses and engaging in one-on-one duels, as they possess multiple shots and an effective strafe. Furthermore, their bow acts as a versatile weapon, enabling them to deal elemental damage with Immolation Arrows and Freezing Arrows.

She can disguise herself as a human, teleport and jump high. She carries a throwing knife, claymore and shield that she can use to defend herself against attacks.

Zery has earned the respect of her Amazon tribe and traditions during her time as queen. But the recent loss of an Amazon baby has caused discord within their ranks, prompting Zery to reevaluate her position as queen, calling on both old allegiances and new ones in their fight for survival.

The Baroness

The Baroness is known for her formidable legs that can break men down with ease. At 6 feet tall and with incredible leverage, she makes for one of the most dangerous scissor holders around. Plus, her lethal figure-4 headscissors make her a must-see for any serious scissor enthusiast.

The snitch has been hired to find the last owner of a hard drive vital to Cobra’s mission and she wants it out before he provides its location willingly. Her first move is placing him under a front head scissor; with precision and muscles she snaps his neck paralyzing him. As her scissors squeeze oxygen out of him, he immediately provides up its location.

She then puts him through another reverse head scissor and twists his head back into her body, trying to break her but failing. She laughs as she says, “Oops.”

Damazonia plays with Jay throughout this challenge, making it almost impossible for him to free himself. She applies a lot of hand-on-middle (HOM) pressure on her captive slave. Jay attempts several times but is only successful when Damazonia allows him to leave.

Her provocative and assertive trash talk is fun, and she enjoys being in control. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with – and loves KOing him on demand!

This challenge is one of her favorites. She loves to test Jay’s resolve to escape and she does an excellent job at it! She increases the pressure until he wishes he could escape each time.

He gets very tired of it, yet he knows he must endure because he’s a prisoner and she has no choice but to break him until his release. Unfortunately, she seems to enjoy her work too much!

In this video, Jay attempts to shout and shout between Damazonia’s strong legs as she puts him into various scissorholds. She plays with him throughout the entire challenge, applying plenty of HOM and slapping him around. It’s an absolute blast and this could be our favorite sauna scene yet!

The Snitch

Damazonia is a dominatrix and fetish model who made waves in North America, captivating men and women alike. She requires obsequiousness from those she desires; an Amazonian Goddess with long legs capable of crushing men beneath her.

She has been an ardent fan of our scissor challenges since they first released, eagerly anticipating when this challenge would return! With full force she uses her tight front headscissor and HOM to knock Jay out!

This is our most intense scissor lightning challenge yet and if you enjoy lots of panic and knockouts, this will be right up your alley. Jay is bound in the back so there’s no escape, making it even more thrilling as she taps him around with her scissorholds!

Her long, strong legs give her an edge over many other scissorers as she can lock them straight up for extra leverage. Plus, her knockout control is superb – she warns him seconds before striking him with her tight figure-4 pattern, making this challenge one of our most memorable ever!

He wants her caught red-handed, so he uses all his might to scream as loudly as possible. Unfortunately, the results are devastating!

To make matters worse, she begins to tease him and laugh about it. She then tells him she will squeeze harder every time he screams or asks for her help – to the point where he begins losing consciousness multiple times!

She tells him she will kick him out if he does this again, even though he begs her not to. After an intense session, they decide to add another rule: If he screams and begs again, she will squeeze even harder!

The Cage

Mistress Damazonia Com takes pleasure in locking a rubber gimp slave boy into a cage for corporal punishment. After receiving satisfaction from her new slubbing machine, she wants to test how much pain the slave boy can endure.

She ties him up and pulls his head between her thighs, taking complete control over and dominating her lucky slut.

This latex-tattooed lady sexually exploits a captive slave with her strap-on until he can only moan in pain through the gag in his mouth. Once finished, she takes him off into the woods and places him under complex bondage arrangements.

She then takes him out on the dirt ground, face down in it, with his rear end raised for display! Once they make love, she scrawls “Free Entertainment!” onto his buttock so anyone passing by knows he is available for them to use as they please.

Once he’s ready, Mistress Sandra takes her big purple strapon and goes to work on his arse with it. She pounds it deep and violently pushes her cock balls deep inside of his hole.

She finally gives him an enormous, monster-sized penis to stretch and make him crave more. Eventually, she fills and intimates him so deeply that he has difficulty walking for at least a week!

This mistress is an avid penis enthusiast and she wants to demonstrate what it feels like to be a real filled-up whore. She plans on pressing her huge strap-on deep inside his abdomen, making him beg for more and demonstrating that she can make anything happen when she wants.

This slave must accept his fate. As a slave, he must serve his masters to be allowed to get sexually exploited! When she takes advantage of him with her strap-on, the woman thrusts her big penis into his hole while continuing to beat away at it with the rest of the strap.