Facesitting, Trampling, and Slapping

Gaia is the Greek goddess of the earth, also referred to as The Great Mother.

Neopagan cultures long revered the nurturing Earth Mother as a powerful force, an idea still prevalent in some New Age religions today. James Lovelock popularized the name Gaia during the 1970s with his Gaia hypothesis, which states that living organisms and inorganic material form part of an intricate system which shapes and keeps Earth as an optimal habitat for life.


Facesitting can be both pleasurable and powerful for those of lighter complexion.

Facesitting differs from most sexual activities in that it does not require force. On the contrary, it can be a pleasurable experience for both partners as they get to share every sensation together.

When faced with the task of sitting on your partner’s face, you may worry about its effects on his body and ability to breathe. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to guarantee a comfortable and secure experience for both of you during this process.

Before beginning any project, talk with your partner about any concerns and find out if they have any as well. Doing this allows for the possibility of working through any issues together before getting started.

Discuss your expectations and determine if both of you have similar visions of what an ideal experience should look like. From there, work together to create a plan that works best for both of you.

Once you have discussed what you expect from the face sitting experience, you can move into the actual physical act of sitting on your partner’s face. Here, you can experiment with various positions to find which feels most comfortable for both of you.

Face sitting is most commonly done while straddling, kneeling or lying on your back. Each position should be done slowly to get acquainted with its sensations and determine if this is something that you would enjoy doing more of.

Finally, if you want to amp up the intensity of facial sex with your partner, why not try using vibrators! Straddle them and face away from them while using a mini vibe such as Le Wand Grand Bullet to stimulate their genitals.

Facesitting can be a powerful way to empower yourself and your partner in the bedroom, as it combines oral-giving with BDSM! It will give you control of both your vulva and clitoris, helping to accelerate sexual stimulation for faster pleasure.


Trampling is the act of repeatedly walking on something. This can have negative consequences for plants and animals as it destroys above ground parts of many plants and compacts soil, impairing photosynthesis in some cases.

Trampling of vascular plants and bryophytes causes the primary response in both groups: reduced cover (Cole 1995b; Whinam and Chilcott 1999; Gremmen et al. 2003; McDougall & Wright 2004).

Studies have suggested that bryophytes are more vulnerable to trampling than vascular plants. However, some authors contend that the reduction in plant cover due to trampling may be more due to changes in light conditions and interaction with other species than direct impacts on the sward (Torn et al. 2006).

Another approach is to correlate trampling pressure with environmental effects, such as changes in sward composition and litter levels, rock and soil abundance. This method has been employed in some studies of trampled areas on Scilly Island and Norfolk.

This approach has been utilized to show that there are various thresholds of trampling pressure which lead to abrupt shifts in sward composition, and which can be considered a series of carrying capacities for an area (Williams and Ballantyne 2010; Wolf and Croft 2014). By doing so, one can predict with reasonable certainty when certain species will disappear from a given sward.

A second approach to linking pressure levels to environmental effects has been demonstrated in a study of the Ranmore nature trail in Norfolk. Path widths, profiles, litter, soil compaction and ground vegetation were measured over a week as a function of user numbers at the site. Results showed that trampling pressure did not affect standing crops but did cause changes in vascular plants’ and bryophyte distribution across different zones.

Research into the effects of trampling on species diversity, species richness and abundance in vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens needs to be conducted, particularly research that considers impacts at a community scale. Additional study is necessary in order to better comprehend these effects.


Slapping is the act of striking someone and is generally seen as an assault, which could carry legal repercussions. A slap can cause physical damage to skin and soft tissue as well as injury to the shoulder joint (labrum). Typically, nonsurgical methods like ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory drugs help treat this injury while an MRI scan may also be helpful to better visualize tissue.

Slapping is a common practice in movies and TV shows. It usually serves to humiliate the offender or express anger. Gangster films and other crime thrillers often feature this technique.