Domina M – Fetish Model From Paris

Domina M is an internationally acclaimed Dominatrix who has performed in London, Dubai and Hong Kong among others. Currently residing in Paris, Domina will be embarking on tours throughout Europe soon.

Domina had been suffering from an ear tumor called Glomus Jugulare that had grown behind her ear drum. Surgery to remove the growth was necessary to relieve her intense pain.

What is domina m?

Domina M is an internationally-renowned fetish model who has been performing in the BDSM scene for over ten years. After beginning her career in Nevada and California, she moved to New York to hone her craft under Simone Justice’s tutelage. Since then she’s toured around the world, seeing clients from London, Dubai, Qatar and Hong Kong among others. Additionally she’s collaborated with some of fetish’s biggest names including Simone Justice, Amber Bliss and many more to name just a few!

Domina’s approach to Ancient Rome, particularly Livia Drusilla and Antony’s power struggles, has been criticized by some critics as overly simplistic and lacking bloody battle sequences. Yet this criticism misses the point – that this series tells its tale solely through women’s eyes. Furthermore, there are countless other periods and stories within those periods which could have been told with more nuance. Ultimately though, Domina offers up an interesting perspective that appeals to fans of historical dramas.

Domina M is a playful domme that uses all her skills to tease Nick, moving him onto her X-frame where she performs various tricks such as flog and whipping his behind, shocking his balls with her violet wand, singletailing him, torturing his nipples, plus giving some kicks and knees to the nuts.

Domina m’s background

Are you searching for a historical drama that gives all the essential knowledge about Rome from a female perspective? Domina is your perfect show. Starring Kasia Smutniak as Livia Drusilla (Kasia Smutniak), this show follows Livia Drusilla (played by Kasia Smutniak), one of Rome’s most influential and powerful women during the first century BCE. She played an integral role in founding Rome and its Second Triumvirate, beating off formidable competition to become the first woman to hold power at such high levels in Ancient history.

Not only does she sport the most impressive hairpiece, but she also has one of the world’s greatest strap-ons – which should come as no surprise given that she was once considered to be one of the most attractive people to be seen with in that era. Furthermore, she’s smart beyond belief and an accomplished fetish actress too, so there’s no reason not to try and emulate her success!

Domina m’s style

Domina M is a fetish model who has been in the industry for some time. She has worked in multiple countries and now resides in Paris, running her own production company and running her own film production company. Her style is distinctive, and her enthusiasm for sex and fetish movies have helped make her successful within this field. Domina m is open about her love of sex and always seeks ways to perfect her craft; this has earned her many fans. Additionally, Domina has written articles about her work for various publications including Fetisch Magazine.

Domina m’s personality

Domina M is an intrepid and determined woman who likes to challenge the status quo. Her actions are fiercely determined, and she will go to any lengths for her family’s safety. This has earned her popularity as a performer across different countries such as Dubai and Hong Kong; even traveling briefly to New York for some time. Plus her style is quite captivating – definitely worth checking out one of Domina m’s shows!