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Ballbusting is an intensely specific hobby, one which men pay handsome sums to pursue.

As with many fetishes, the appeal isn’t just about physical discomfort. It can also be about wanting to be overpowered or controlled by a woman; this was evident when speaking to Pro Dominatrices and men who enjoy ballbusting.

1. Intimacy

Intimacy is a deep and meaningful bond that exists between two people, whether that be friends, family members, or significant others. It plays an essential role in healthy relationships but often goes overlooked.

Nurturing intimacy requires an atmosphere of openness, trust and vulnerability. That is why many relationship experts suggest it can be difficult to create a sense of closeness with someone unless you feel comfortable sharing your most intimate details with them.

Emotional intimacy is defined as being comfortable and secure sharing your deepest thoughts, fears, and feelings with your partner, according to Madeline Lucas LCSW Therapist and Clinical Content Manager at Real. Expressing vulnerability allows you to feel assured that they care about you even in trying times.

Mental intimacy is defined as sharing your ideas and life perspectives with your partner while respecting theirs. It also involves being open to learning new things together without feeling the need to win an argument or battle.

Physical intimacy is when you experience the small touches and hugs that come after spending time together. It may not be something you experience right away in a relationship, and it takes some time for it to develop.

Another type of spiritual intimacy involves conversations about God, religion and spirituality. It could also involve shared religious practices or philosophical discussions on life’s purpose.

Gloria Lopez-Henriquez, doctor of social work and faculty member at The Ackerman Institute for Family in New York City, suggests that you may have an intimate bond with a loved one. This could include sharing your deepest fears, worries and doubts with them; additionally, being assured by them of their concern even if they don’t always share your opinions.

Couples experience various levels of intimacy in their relationship, and it is essential for couples to remember that intimacy evolves over time. Couples must continually work on honing their intimacy level as they progress through life.

2. Pain

More than just a bad kick, a hit to the balls can cause serious groin or testicular damage. This could lead to epididymitis – an illness that causes shrinkage and death of testicular tissue – as well as infertility.

Testicles are delicate and fragile, needing special protection in order to stay healthy. When we wear skinny jeans, take our partner on missions or engage in sexual play, our testicles take a beating – sometimes even from us!

Kicks to the balls can be particularly painful, not only due to their delicate and sensitive nature but also because your testicles lack protective bone or muscle mass that can absorb impact force from such blows – leading to intense discomfort.

As the pain spreads throughout your groin area, it’s picked up by nerves that travel directly into your stomach. This is known as referred pain and it’s similar to when you experience an ice cream headache with a feeling of one in your abdomen too.

Your testicles and scrotum are all connected to your abdominal area by nerves and tissues, so when you get hit in the balls, those nerves will pull down into your belly.

Your body sends pain along these pathways so your brain can detect it, which explains why you experience discomfort in your stomach after getting kicked in the balls. It’s your body’s way of keeping you safe by alerting you to an injury if one occurs during combat.

Once the pain reaches your brain, it sets in motion a series of events that create an intense feeling as though someone has punched you in the gut. Your body then releases endorphins as an attempt to cope with all the trauma wrought by such shock.

The good news is that most kick to the balls pain will subside within an hour. However, it’s always wise to consult your doctor if you feel sick, dizzy, or have any bleeding after this period has elapsed. A serious injury to either your scrotum or testicles may indicate it’s time to see a urologist for further evaluation and treatment.